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As you probably can see I’m not the kind of person that likes to show my face around. Suspicious Developer seems decent enough as an alias.

I have for some time though about finding a medium (no pun intended) to write up some articles around what I think is interesting. All my life I’ve been told at work that my brain works like a women brain, not sure if that’s a good thing?

I will try to explain..

In short, when someone throws out a problem I get a immediate response of 10+ connections, and the more they speak the more connections and boxes arrive.

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Problem comes up, connection and boxes arrive

It’s not that bad in the beginning, and if one of the immediate connections gets a hit — case closed.

Of course, I’m no Albert Einstein so I rarely get a quick hit like that. So this continues up and down for ages, trying to figure out a the secret path to the solution!

This is probably normal for most people, but what I do think is different in my case is that I love to be in between the boxes and in the lines of connections, surfing around like there was no tomorrow.

  • Is there another take on this?
  • What if I switch these two?
  • What the hell, lets just throw some of them away, remove some connections?
  • Add a new connection between connection99 and connection45, remove box3 and add boxUnknown
  • Maybe introduce some other crazy shit and see what happens?
  • Damn, lets just and just and just…

Anyway, this has just started to arrive at home, and therefore giving me some headaches when trying to solve my partners problems like I try to solve work problems. Use it with caution at home!

I was hoping that writing some articles here on some of the things that come up when I use it to dive into stuff of interest, or maybe just crap comes up.

If this is my last post, it was probably all just pastebin (pun intended!)

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Suspicious Developer

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